Instagram follow code


Hey guys!

Does anyone know the code to get the prompt that asks if you want to follow the author on instagram?


I think on your computer, you just have to go to your story, click more details in the top middle,
scroll down, and it says put in your instagram, and I think it’ll just pop up by itself.


There’s not a code for it… all you have to do is insert instagram under the instagram logo all the way at the end of ur story.


When you go to your story on Writer’s Portal in Episode, you’ll see this right away, very hard to miss, it’s right under your story title : “More Options.” Under that it says “Changes won’t be live to users until you re-publish via Update.” Then there’s a blue button that says “Save Changes”. Click on “More options.” It’ll expand to show you many things like Author Name, author biography, story description, search keywords (optional), Genre, completion status, Social Media Accounts (Optional). For Social Media Accounts, it gives you the option to write in your username for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. For example, if your username is @JemU776 you would write JemU776 where it shows the logo of Instagram (IG) and says @episode.interactive as an example. Hope this was very detailed and helped. Have a great day!