Instagram Follow for Follow :D

I was wondering if anyone had an insta I could follow for an f4f! I really am trying to grow my instgram, and I wanna help grow yours. I only follow EPISODE instagrams, though! Super excited to get to know everyone! Mine is epy.violet101 EDIT: Also I don’t wanna sound rude, but if you don’t follow me back in the next hour then I will unfollow you, as I am not gaining anything from it. Thanks sooo much, and if you can’t follow me atm then you can PM me and we can discuss an extension of up to 24 hours. Thanks sooo much, for hopefully understanding! Luv ya!


mine is yoms.episode, I’m working on a story so I’ll be posting soon :slight_smile:

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Kk! Thanks so much!

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Just followed!

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Mine is - episode.rateyourstory

I rate other people’s stories!

Hello, I own a insta account where I rate other peoples stories. When you are done with your story maybe I could rate it??

My instagram: Episode.rateyourstory

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Insta: @emmi_epyart
I do art. :laughing: :smile: :heart:
But i’m trying not to rlly do follow backs on that one, so you can follow my usual @emmily.epy

Yeah, of course! : )

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Mine is episode.goldenhooligan

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