Instagram friends?




Hey y’all I have an instagram for my story but I wouldn’t mind having some friends on there that we can talk about episode or even other random stuff since that’s easier than talking on here!

I’m pretty well rounded person that likes a lot of different things so I probably can relate to you or I’m just happy to be introduced to new things. I was recently diagnosed with my second autoimmune disorder which I’ve been trying to adjust too but I’ve been mainly bed ridden for a while now which is why I started writing on episode to pass time. Also it gets pretty lonely and boring being stuck home most of the time.

:wilted_flower: MY INSTA :wilted_flower:

:wilted_flower: MY EPISODE STORY :wilted_flower:


Okay no friends then :joy:


I’ll be your friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: lmao


Count me in too hun. My Instagram is @Saasha_episode.


what’s your insta handle :slight_smile:


@epi.jayda already added you lmao


Oh sweet! Love your art !


Thank you!! :slight_smile: