Instagram group chat for sharing ideas

anyone wanna be part of a Instagram group just to ask each others opinions or advice,

just ask stuff like, any idea for the character’s outfit, what to do in this scene, music I should use, and such stuff. showing of artwork,

just to help each other with the small stuff.


Please add me! :)) my username is hanaxwrites on IG

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Add me! My name is episode.bxby_rose ! My account is on private though so just req

Can you add me novacane__ ?

are you the one also called lucas, with a picture of someone holding a phone

Hey I would like to be a part of this too…

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okay, I need your instaname then I will ad you

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Thx. @epi_ps

No sorry I don’t know who ur talking abt but can I be added

yes, what do your profil pic look like then, many has the same name as you

Oh sorry I was using the wrong name😐 it’s novacane_episode with the same pfp I have on this

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found ya

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sounds funnnn. my IG is @turquoisestanger

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is this correct or are you stranger not stanger

lol the one I typed is the right one.

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you sure I cant find you


i’ll follow you then, what’s yours?