Instagram Group Chat

Hi! I’m pretty new here, so not sure if there already is one, but would anyone want to drop their ig users and make a gc? Or is there a way or do that on here. :joy_cat: sorry I don’t rlly know that much yet


What’s gc?

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@kxlsiiwrites :grin:

it means groupchat

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there is a way to do this on here btw

Im not really used to these words

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haha its okay, i think it might be a british thing, we use abbreviations alot here




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My insta I’d @sarah_2k5_

I’m not sure - I think there is

there Is a way, i have groupchats haha

mine is @emstories.epsd :wink:

My Instagram is @pc_episode!:two_hearts:

aylin_lws and I’ll follow back! :blob_turtle:

@agatya.episode and I made similar thread earlier so I’m up for it haha

Mines is orange.honey_

@bellz.epi :two_hearts:

@gabi.episode :slight_smile:

My insta is @epi.emme
:crazy_face: :grin: