Instagram Group (Open)

Heyo! I’m Sqlty or Hannah!
Anyways, I have a Instagram group called “Epi Spies” that I’m working on.
This isn’t just a group to chat and talk about stories and share ideas.
But it’s to spread your skills with different Episode Creators.

This is for people who love to give tips and create edits for other maybe even just help them write there story if needed. I wanted to start this group because there are a lot of people who just started writing for Episode on Instagram and honestly need as much help as they can get. But not everyone has the time to. So that’s why I’m making this group to help people get covers, need Instagram icons, art scenes, R4R’s (Also know as read for read) , splashes request, editing tips, reviewers, and so much more!

This could help expand our community on Instagram and maybe expand on more social media platforms. If you wanna join just PM me on Instagram @epi.sqlty!
I’m currently in the need of members, and a Co-Owner or two if they are up for the challenge that is. There aren’t any requirements for this but one.
Love, Sqlty
My Instagram is @epi.sqlty once again!


I hope you find members! :heartbeat:

Thanks😘 @Episode.TayTay

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Of course.
Always spreading positive love towards post👍

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Aw damn I wanna join

Can I still join?