Instagram Group Promotion!

Hey Guys! So a lot of us are a part of instagram groups so here’s a place to promote! When promoting, explain what your group does and any other important information! Looking for a place to get reviews or edits or covers or any number of things? Look here and find what you need!
So here are my instagram groups:

Follow @epysaurs for story reviews, edits, covers, PFP, and writing help!
Follow @penroyalty is here offering covers, splashes, overlays, and reviews!
Want to be apart of a contest where you can get feedback on your story! Follow @forumcontest and support our project!


Moved to Episode Fan Community! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hey guys :blush: We just started a group on Instagram under the name @epi.duckies.

Follow and fill out request form/DM if you are interested in :

  • Story review

  • Edit

  • Authors Interview

If you want to be part of our group we are still hiring! You can either check out free postions or come up with new one, that is not offered yet.



Will look into submitting a review :slight_smile:

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