Instagram names

Hi everyone,
I made a new instagram account just for episode so can u please drop ur insta names so i can add you, if you waant




Instagram: @episode_lauren1


Hi. I have a tiny question… If I have an Instagram account and if i make another make another one of Episode only, will my friends know ???


Instagram, @iriishwrites.epi



if u want them to know then yes, they give u that option

i can’t find u

I have two

my main one @hannahc.epi_wattpad or @epi_confess if you want to drop in a confession about an episode story

If you to send a confession, please drop me a DM with the confession, the author and name of the story.


@Josca_Episode :blush:



Mine is @aunt.trigg if u could follow me I’ll follow back :heart:

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