Instagram Page Link

Is there a way that I can link my instagram page if I made it into an option?

Go to your Preferences. On the left side under Account, click on Profile and then in the About Me Section Write this:

Instagram: @angelwrites.episode

Or you could add your IG link under website : )

If you’re still confused, you’d write it this way:

And it would look like this in your bio:

Instagram: @episode.warrior.gem

You’d replace the Instagram link with yours though and change @episode.warrior.gem to your Instagram username.

Good luck! :black_heart:

I meant in a scene during one of my episodes.

Thank you for telling me how to put it on my bio, though! That was really helpful

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Right before you publish you story, a page will pop up and there is a section where you can fill in your social media details. Then, it will automatically be coded into your script after you publish your story

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Oh, awesome! Thank you!

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Oh, sorry my bad…:sweat_smile:

If you need a visual, you can check out this post:

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Yeah ofc!