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does anyone want a shoutout on my insta
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we can do follow for follow :smirk: (if you want)
comment your username down below and i can give you a shoutout etc.

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Hello !:heart::heart::heart:
I would be so happy to have your precious feedback on my story.
If it was meant…
Drama and romance story. Ink story.

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This is the story of Anne. She was adopted at the age of 2years old and lives in a very nice house in Virginia.
From an external point of view her life seems like a dream but her reality is more a nightmare.

Her adoptive mother hates her and never accepted her.

Anne is in love with Carter, the house maid son, and he is the one who makes her happy.

What happen when Carter has to leave?
What is Anne plan to leave?
Someone she will met will change her life.

Find out in:
If it was meant…

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That would be great :bowing_woman:t2:
My username is @maylaugh_episode :heart:



@kalanisantino :blush:



Account’s still new but @episode.sanityyy :slight_smile:
don’t have to do a shoutout, just a f4f :))))

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That would be great i need followers too!
Anyone who follows I’ll follow back of course

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I just followed you (@/annat.stories) :smile: We can do a s4s if you want :heart:

Hey, that would be great, my insta is @s_unique_episode :slight_smile:

@ChaoticDreamz.stories :sunglasses:

Awesome! You can check out mine @fongjoline :purple_heart:

You can check out mine @fongjoline


@cece1.episode is my instagram username


My insta is: @larapstories

You can check out mine… @Shewrites.episode :smiley: