Instagram writers support group

Hi my fellow episodians! My name is Arri_4ever but you call call me Arri or Guppy. I know the struggle to stay inspired or to keep writing even when you don’t feel like it so I had an idea. I want to start a group chat or maybe 10-15 people that’s main purpose is to help each other with stuff such as:

~Scripting errors
~Ideas and insporation
~finding backgrounds
~And anything else you need

It’d be like a tight nit community of people who loves episode. So drop your instagram handle below to get added.


P.S. please don’t join if you plan on:

A) Stealing others ideas
B) Being a nuisance to the chat by spamming
C) Tearing others down and/or bullying and harassing


I would love to help girl :blush: @janine.epi is my insta account

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I would like to join. My instagram is @epi.boredbb :heart:

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I would like to join :slight_smile:

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Hie. I would love to join. My Instagram id is shona_episode.

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Heyy! I’ll join. I’m @ epi.jayda

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Hi I’m new and I have a story idea my insta is @charlie.tbfu

I’d love to join. kerra_uniqueness