Instant help required for writing correct script format for one of my scene

@transition fade out black

@transition fade in black

@pan to zone 2
@ME is sit and ME starts write_notepad

probably one can easily identify what i am trying to do, i want “me” character to take notes while she is sitting in the scenario behind the desk.
and rest of the characters sitting on their respective seats. can anyone help?
and i also want to make it look like entering another scene (the reason why i used transition command. plus i really dont know how to use fade outs.

Alright so, what you want to do is fade in the scene to you writing with another character beside you?

I can help!
With transitions, you want them after you’ve set the background.

So your script would look like:

&cut to zone 2
&ME stands upscreen right and ME faces right and ME is write_notepad
&OTHER stands upscreen left and OTHER faces right and OTHER is yawn_bored
@transition fade in black

See how I’ve used the & instead of the @?
That’s because in the scripts, the & means you want that action to be done at the same time as the next @ command. So in what I’ve written, I want everything to be done at the same time as the transition.

I’ve also used the &cut to zone 2 instead of &pan to zone 2.
This is so that your camera isn’t moving when you start the scene up.

Hope this helps!

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i dont know what exactly happened see the preview and how i did it, i want a full show of what other students are doing, not just a single person beside her…?if you are getting it? can you help? pm? @LyraKeiken

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this is one zone background, you cut to to zone 2 that’s why is black. To show other students you need to just make a separate scene for each one of them on this background


Exactly what @Apes said :smiley:

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thanks @Apes and @LyraKeiken i think i am gonna need some more help on this but ill use my own mind first.