Int. blue school hallway lockers - day school template needed


I really need help cause I can’t find a template I like. Please can someone help me? Its for LL and the characters are more off to the side to make it easier for when my popular character make an entrance. Anyone wanna help? Thanks xx

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I have an INK template. It’s in my linktree (in my profile) if you wanted to try it :slight_smile: just change the animations to LL ones


ill try but im warning you, it will be a disaster

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I made one for Limelight, here!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This is very helpful!!

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No problem! :blue_heart:


i’m so grateful for this template but when it goes to the “add composition template,” it gives me a warning that says this composition doesn’t exist for the specific character? idk what to do?

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