INT.CAFE2-DAY Help with Cafe Shop

Hello I was wondering if you guys could help me with coding in my episode story I want one character behind the counter (the worker in the cafe shop) and 2+ characters on the other side of the counter but I’m not quite sure how to do it. Please help,thank you.

For this you’ll first need an overlay of the counter if you haven’t gotten one already. After that, the main idea is to layer the characters and the overlay accordingly. (a character in layer 1 will be behind a character in layer 2, who will be behind a character in layer 3, so on and so forth) Like this:


#I organized the characters and overlay so that the characters are farther in front as you go downward on the script (Placement/layering codes are bolded.)

&CHARACTER 1 spot 1.000 100 50 in zone 1
&CHARACTER 1 moves to layer 0
&CHARACTER 1 faces right AND CHARACTER 1 is idle_loop

&overlay COUNTER create
&overlay COUNTER opacity 100%
&overlay COUNTER moves to layer 1
&overlay COUNTER shifts to 0 0 in zone 1
&overlay COUNTER scales to 1.000 1.000

&CHARACTER 2 spot 1.100 175 30 in zone 1
&CHARACTER 2 moves to layer 2
&CHARACTER 2 faces right AND CHARACTER 2 is idle_loop_rear

&CHARACTER 3 spot 1.100 250 30 in zone 1
&CHARACTER 3 moves to layer 3
&CHARACTER 3 faces right AND CHARACTER 3 is idle_loop_rear

@.zoom on 0 0 to 100%

#Some of these lines are unnecessary or will have different coordinates/information

I hope this helps.

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It dosen’t work.

Can I see your script?

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Sorry it took so long to reply, but this is what it says and btw I want one person to be behind the counter and the other person walking in to the scene, I hope that makes sense.

What’s the name of your overlay in the art catalogue?

It’s INT.CAFE-DAY, I believe

In your script, you set the overlay name as COUNTER. That’s why you have an error message. The overlay name isn’t right.

Oh ok so what should I put?

Have you downloaded an overlay for the cafe background, yet?

I have and I named it CAFE OVERLAY and it’s basically INT.CAFE-DAY

Ok, so instead of COUNTER, you should input CAFE OVERLAY as the overlay name in your script.

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I don’t know if she copied this exactly, but I just thought I’d let you know that there’s a small (full-stop) typo there in case she misses that and it comes up with another error after her overlay error.

Yeah. I put in .'s to avoid having places bolded in areas I don’t want. I forgot to mention that in my response.

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Now it says ‘‘The character CAFE OVERLAY does not exist.’’

Make sure that you have the @/&overlay command in front of each of your CAFE OVERLAY’s and that you only replaced the parts that once said COUNTER, not any of the other lines.

I think I got it thank you so much!!

No problem, glad it worked out.

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