INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY script template needed

Hey guys… I want script template for this background asap… So if anyone has it, please help…


I can make you one on my lunch break today if no one else has given you one yet :slight_smile:

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Yay… That would be great, if u can :gift_heart:

This might help you

Classroom Template

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Ig this is the template of Front Ol… Thankyou so much for helping :relieved::heartpulse::heartpulse:

Edit- I checked it, but its of classroom front; not front ol… So ig i have to find some other script

Hey I made desk overlays for this classroom in my drive

so you can place students through the entire class ( and I think I also included a wall overlay for the windows to put someone outside. :joy:


Thankyou so much :heartpulse: actually I wanted the script for character placement of classroom Front Ol…
But do u have any parking lot background?

I don’t, but check out the official background sharing thread and here’s one by Flower 🌷 FlowerGriefer's Backgrounds 🌷 - #129 by FlowerGriefer
Not sure if it’s what you are looking for but be sure to read her first post to see how she wants credit. :slight_smile:

I understand wanting a script template but it’s really not hard to do on your own. The steps I use for spotting is to type out the basic (@CHARACTER stands screen left and CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER starts read_book_sit (whatever the name is)

then I spot them and copy/paste the spot and layer of the character by selecting “@CHARACTER stands screen left” and Ctrl+V. Erase the @ symbols and add ‘and’ (delete the extra space between “and” and the ‘CHARACTER moves to layer #’ so that you don’t get an error)


Yeah I have already checked FlowerGriefer bg… She has so many but the one there is not what I am looking for…
And yeah I use these steps to for character placements but its just it takes lot of time and I have shortage of time rn… So I was looking for script template… Anyways I got it… I’ll see if the above one is suitable for me or not…
Thankyou so much for helping :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Glad you got one!

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Thankyou so much :relaxed::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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