Int. Computer Lab - Day (Desk Overlay Query)


So when I add this background to my script, a computer desk pops up which I didn’t even know it did that.

I have placed my characters where I want them to go with this desk in front of them. However, I have created my own overlays for this and when I add them to the script, the desk at the front disappears.

I have moved my characters and every other overlay I’ve added to the back (-5), but the desk still doesn’t show.

Is there a reason for this and can I get this desk as a separate overlay?


INT. COMPUTER LAB - DAY with INT. COMPUTER LAB - DAY with (other overlays)  
#the rest of your script
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Hello Vanessa, an overlay can’t be behind a background from my beliefs. Could it be an overlay that is blocking the desk? I think it doesn’t work when there are other overlays. The best you can do is look in the overlays from Episode itself and check if you see the desk or make the desk as an overlay and then use it that way. Or you could just leave it how it is if the desk isn’t that important for the story.

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Did u try
INT. COMPUTER LAB - DAY with INT. COMPUTER LAB - DAY at layer … with (other overlays)
So I mean the overlay of the computer lab with the highest layer?

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When you use a background that come with an overlay and put the background name twice like this:


It lets you take control of the overlay that comes with the background and layer it. Try it.

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That worked!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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