INT. GEORGIA CHURCH - DAY - script template needed

Hi, hellooo!

I need help with a church script template!

Does anyone have (or could anyone make) a srcript template with this background?

What is needed for this scene:

  • A way to get characters to sit on the pews with spot directing and overlays, as well as a way to put choir members and churchgoers into the scene?
  • Also is there anyone who can remove the seating (the pews) in this background, so I can spot direct the pews as overlays (credit to: @ColeCatalyst for the overlays for the pews!)

Thank youu,

Ida <3

Hey, you don’t need to remove the pews in the background to use my overlays - they will sit over the positions of the pews in the background :slight_smile: Thanks for the credit :slight_smile:
I don’t have a template for this but maybe there’s one on the Forums so I’ll look around some old threads edit didn’t find one here, sorry. Hopefully someone here can help, if not try requesting help on the new Discord’s directing help section
Good luck!