INT. HOSPITAL BED - DAY is showing up as not a background

Previously, when I saved my work, INT. HOSPITAL BED - DAY would not show up as an error. Now, when I save my work, the script tools shows an error stating that INT. HOSPITAL BED - DAY is not a background or overlay. When I read my story, the background shows up when it needs to (as shown in the image below) but there is still an error. When I looked in the background gallery, INT. HOSPITAL BED - DAY would not show up, only INT. HOSPITAL BED - NIGHT.


I’m experiencing the same issue. I’ve just submitted a support ticket about it. I’ve used this background before in previous chapters of mine. It saved just fine in my current working chapter a few hours ago afterwhich, the error that you mentioned, showed up. The day version of the image does not show up in my art catalogue either. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing it. Have you submitted a support ticket?

I think its because of the new “update” they did because if you noticed the tutorials in stories aren’t with our stories anymore and longer lines are now continued under and there is a search button so you can find your stories faster

i was just about to make a forum about this. what is happening

May need to submit a help ticket for that. :wink:

There’s an issue, the background that you are trying to do no longer exists. I think it is happy to everyone

Do you think it’ll be fixed before the deadline for the MC competition?!

I can’t say

Thanks for letting me know anyways! It’s very frustrating!

Tell me about I have to rewrite a couple episodes because of it when I was updating stories

that’s exactly what happened to me when I was writing a scene and when I pressed save it said its not a background. But a week ago it was working just fine.

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I have the same issue, I NEED this background for my story i hope they fix pronto!!!

it seems they have removed it from the backgrounds as I can only see night in there now.

I don’t have the original saved but I chucked this together from an edit and the poster-wall background

If someone does happen to have the original, plz send it my way :pray:

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How should I credit you? do you have instagram? :smiley:

I’m experiencing the same issue and I want the background back.

I have the same problem on my story. I decided to add a detail to a previous episode and now I can’t update the story at all. So I sent a support ticket and the answer I received was that it is a known issue with this image and that their testers and developers are investigating it.

I’m experiencing the same issue and the worst part is…
My friend made me an ART SCENE using that background!
What should I do??

See she can redo it for night or ask someone that can on a request thread

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