INT. LIBRARY - DAY BG edit needed

Hey. Can anyone help me edit this bg?


I need help changing the walls. floor, and stairs to kinda match this Minus having the sign. Can you also make the windows into day instead of night? Thank you

Would this be an ok sky for you or would you like a different one

Here what it would look like with a shadow

Or you can have the sky that in the other window

this one works fine the top one

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So you want them like this


yep but i also want that the walls and the stairs to be like white and gold as well to match if that makes sense

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Yea do you have like an idea of the one color palette you prefer I’d use from the pics you provided

with how the stairs are gold and white in the detla house foyer one if you can possibly get the stairs in the library look close to that, that would be great. for the walls honestly anything that you would think would match the best

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thank you

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Do you like this color for the walls