INT. PRIVATE PLANE - DAY zone 2 glitch

I’ve been using INT. PRIVATE PLANE - DAY for a scene and I planned on cutting to zone 2 and zooming on one character sitting on the front right seat. But every time I try to zoom with the preview’s directing helper, it acts as though I’ve put in zone 3, as in in a just black area

I thought it was just a little glitch with my computer or the coding that just needed time to fix. So I left it and closed the window for about a day(started in the early-ish morning, just got back to it now at early-ish night)

But it’s still doing the same time. My coding isn’t wrong: every time I didn’t use the zoom but simply cut to the scene and set up the characters, it worked fine. But now, when my code is hella simple:

@cut to zone 2 (yes there is a zone 2)

It gives me darkness like I put in zone 3. Help?

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there only one zone in that background


This is a 640x1136, no, there is no zone 2.

Yeah, I figured it out :sweat_smile: