Interactive Game Menu

So I need an interactive game menu. Like a template for it because mine is saying, “This background does not exist” or, “this is not a valid directing command” So can someone please help?!

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See first of all it does not exist in episode interactive and this one is made by you so you have to first approve to episode interactive

It was approved, but it still says it does not exist. Idk why

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Can you show the image of this background is approved means it’s name also

If it’s approved properly then there must be the mistake in coding

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Then it’s fine so show me the image of the coding

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I have this problem too. It says it doesn’t exist, but it does.


Well I erased it all


Then can you put it and show

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See in coding you wrote the name directly no space before it and leaving line above and below??


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Then it’s the problem in episode as mine it does not happens like this

See I didn’t knew it happens like this but you can again approve it if you want

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I was trying to watch a YouTube video on it from Mary d Sava and that’s how I’m coding mine.

this is just what happens when I use my own background, not all of the coding.

Did you find anything on it?

You wrote it as EXT. but you saved it as INT.

I actually made a different background saved as that.