Interactive Map

I’m gonna cut straight to the chase: is there a way to create an interactive map? If you’ve played the Love Island game you know what I mean, if not, basically you’re able to move the image on screen by swiping it, and pressing on a persons icon takes you to them. If this is possible, please, please help me because I - for the life of me - cannot find a tutorial on it, if it is possible x


I did not play that, but you can use pannable bg and tappable overlays

these might help


Exactly what I was thinking of. You can make the map pannable to swipe at it and use overlays that are tappable to click on the place you want to go to. You can create the overlays or ask someone to make them for you. A helpful tutorial is Joseph’s evan’s You Tube tutorial just go to his channel and search it up, it’s really helpful. It’s called tappable overlays. Here’s the link:

Just skip back a little to see the front :slight_smile: