Interactive note taking 🤔

So I’m STILL working on my mystery story :joy: I keep loosing my motivation but I’m determined to get it done one day!!

So I’m hoping it’s gonna be one of those mysteries that take some thinking about. So I was thinking of adding an interactive note taking page that can be reviewed and edited each episode the page would contain prompts such as…

Suspect? ……
Time? ….

Then each one will take you to a text box (the one used for passwords and stuff) which you can enter things such as
Gun, knife (names) 10:05 etc etc

But by using the password coding I can select what words will fit and what won’t eg

In episode one you may find a gun meaning that you think that is your murder weapon and it will let you input in (revealing an overly containing the word gun. However if you try and put something like “hammer” it will come up saying “we have not seen a hammer.”

However a few episodes in you may find a hammer and want to change you clue to hammer at which point it will except hammer as a weapon. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it is correct l. This would work with characters too
“You have entered “David” as your suspect or We have not spoken to anyone call Jess.

Does this make any sense? Basically Id keep track of all possibilities to allow the reader as much freedom as possible while also ensuring it would work by being realistic and not allowing any input as this would be impossible to code.

However I am putting a request in for there to be a text bit feature that allows the reader to put any text in they want and it to stay unless the edit it. I’ll put a link soon so you can support if you want.

But what do you think? Would this help you keep track or do you prefer to make your own physical notes and is it a waste of time?


Here is my suggestion feature to add a text box for readers.

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it sound interesting but make sure follow rule from episode but your idea you can put in story for your idea for readers nothing is not wrong and don’t give up on something i happy you get back up and start going with idea @Emmzy but you can write it in story since it mystery for genres fix

If this isn’t relatable, I don’t know what is. :joy:

I like your idea, but it does seem like you, as the author will have a lot to keep note of so as long as you’re confident you can manage it well without stressing. I’m all for it.

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