Interactive Overlays?

I just saw Evil Ebonni’s instagram story (the person who wrote “Adrenaline” and “Fine Line”). Did Episode release interactive overlays? How do I use it? Is it available to everyone?

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What do you mean by saying “interactive” overlays?

Same overlays, darker color. It makes it look like you actually touched it

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I don’t know. That is what I saw on her instagram story

Nothing like that been released yet

Oh, so there isn’t exactly an interactive overlay.

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Yes, it’s a simple one, a few touch ups like this makes your story almost real.

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It’s in beta testing :slight_smile: So it’s not available to everyone yet.
But yes- soon you will be able to tap on overlays instead of choices. So for example, you could have a crime scene and the reader could tap on overlays (such as a desk, bookshelf etc) to uncover clues.


OMG! That’s amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That is so cool!!!

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