Interactive Social Media Code Help?

Hey everyone!

So, I recently created some overlays to make it so the reader can scroll through their social media. The only problem, is that when I add the “pan” to the tappable command, they reader can pan away from the feed and over the sides where no content is present. I thought that adding a zoom would help… but I really don’t know what to do, or if there’s anything I can do. Is there any way to prevent this?? Or will I just have to have it so that tapping the photos gives an automatic scroll?

The Code

INT. WHITE BACKGROUND with EPIGRAM1 to 0.658 47 -71 at layer 0 with EPIGRAM2 to 0.658 47 -71 at layer 3
&DANA spot 0.452 131 498 in zone 1 and EARL spot 0.479 174 484 in zone 1 and EARL faces left and DANA faces right and EARL is flirt_shy_pose and DANA is kiss_cheek_give_pose and CHLOE spot 0.704 185 67 in zone 1 and CHLOE faces left and CHLOE is kiss_cheek_receive_pose and ARMANI spot 0.776 123 50 in zone 1 and ARMANI faces right and ARMANI is kiss_cheek_give_pose
@/ARMANI moves to layer 1 and DANA moves to layer 1 and CHLOE moves to layer 2 and EARL moves to layer 2
@zoom on 150 568 to 179% in 0
tappable [pan: 1]


Thanks in advance!!

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Maybe try using tappable [pan:1:1:ver] to scroll down vertically

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Oh my goodness thank you so much!!! I’m so new to these commands lol. You’re a life saver!!

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No problem, happy to help! :heart:

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