Interactive story yes or no?


So I’m currently writing a murder mystery story but rather than jumping straight into action I would like to do an episode before the murder happens.

So my idea is that your in the police academy and about to graduate however to do this you have to solve a (small) mystery first. I want to make this as fun as possible so I was wondering if you guys would actually read an episode where you really have to keep track of your clues.
So for example you are studying the crime scene and have to look at different areas eg a dresser, piece of paper on the floor ect to get clues in order to move on… such as finding a code to unlock the box, remembering simple statements that suspects have given ect…

The problem is if you fail to collect all the clues you have to restart the episode.
For obverse reasons I wont make it rock hard because as long as you find all the clues you will be able to solve the mystery…

This wont be throughout the whole story its just like a mini game before the story actually takes place…

would you guys like to see something like this?


I think it’s a great idea😊 I would read it😉


I’d read it, something like that is not too difficult to do and is amusing/interesting for the reader.


thanks for your opinions guys


I would love to read something like this. Can I suggest you wait until tappable overlays are released though? Because then you could actually have your readers “collect” clues


YES… I am here for it sis. Finally a story that’s really interactive.


Omg when are they making these :smiley:


I love minigames in stories! Its actually a really good story and ill definitely read it!


I have no idea. I heard it was in beta testing, but saw it in one of the episodes for Envy


I’m actually reading envy and didn’t even notice lol


It was 26 of the LL version I saw it in. You had to “lock” the windows


Yes! I remember now :slight_smile:


Can’t wait until this!


Im glad people are excited for this it may take a while as I’m quite new to episode (creating wise) but I’ve managed to understand the basics and watch a lot of tutorials for help :joy:

Glad people are excited