Interest in LGBT stories?


I’ve been working on the first 3 episodes of something that was mostly for my own enjoyment- I hadn’t really thought about publishing it until now mostly because it features a gay male MC, and from what I’ve seen from Episode, male MCs aren’t popular, nor are LGBT stories. Of course, the relative scarcity of these stories might be reason enough to publish all on its own…

A little more about the story: the main character (Jay) is closeted, a little too serious, and overall very awkward (hopefully endearingly so…). Though the plot itself deals with some heavier subject material- being closeted, impending disability, the minefield that is coming out- overall the tone has been very light and more… irreverent than dramatic. So far it’s mostly been 3 chapters of Jay accidentally choking on bagels in front of his crush-slash-best-friend and having weird dreams about a new transfer student who keeps flirting with him.

If you have any advice about whether or not there would be any interest for something like this, let me know. I’ve really enjoyed writing it, and it’s been harder to motivate myself to write without knowing what exactly my goals are.


I’d be interested :slight_smile:


Please yes oh my gosh the lack of lgbt stories on episode gives me ankle pain.


Yesss keep writing it. We do need more LGBT stories and I think yours could get a lot of attention because of this (and also because it sounds really good). Seriously - let me know when you publish it.


Same :joy:


Episode needs more LGBT stories, as long as they’re appropriate


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yes. show me the noncliche LGBTQ+ please. and if the gay characters are overly flamboyant males or mega tomboy females, or if the bi/pan characters fall in love with everyone they see I shall hunt you down. but if none of these terrible cliches are present, I shall cheer you on for eternity.
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I’m late, but it sounds amazing! This was literally 2 months ago but @calicoadams if you see this, great idea!!! If you haven’t finished and published yet, oh my god, DO!



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