Interested in a new drama story to read?


Interested in a new drama story to read?
Check out my new drama story: Trading lies.
The first and newest story I have published.
You wont regret it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What’s it about, may I ask? I know it would have a story description, but those are sometimes so limiting with the picky character limit.


It is a drama, limelight, character customization story, filled with comedy and mystery. You are a 17 year old junior living in the city of Westbrooke. And you have been blackmailed by a mysterious person who has a life ruining video of you. And in order to get it back you must play a game of humiliation known as (trading lies) after making a permanent deal with him. And before the video gets exposed to the whole entire school.

The description in the story:
You have to trade lies with Mr. rich bad boy. After making a mandatory deal with him. How much trouble are you willing to get in just to keep up, and win the game of humiliation?


Whoa, that sounds intense and interesting. I’ll certainly check it out!


It certainly is! And you should definitely check it out. I hope you enjoy it!:blush: