Interested in writing a story together?

Hi! I’m kinda writing my first story…
I have an idea of what kind of story I want to make and I have already made the characters and their clothes.
If you’ re interested, you can always send a message and I’ll try to reply as fast as possible! :slight_smile::heart:

I’m down . lol

Do you have a Instagram if so dm me @catrina.epyy

im up for it! if anyone else needs a writing partner too feel free to ask!

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I’m interested in writing a story

I am a new writer too. I am also looking for a co-writer who can help me so I can, at some point, write a story myself. I would love to write a story with you for pointers and any other advice, Also how do you post on this? lol

I’m new here too and just start to write my first story, like you. It would be great if we could communicate with each other) Because I think, that I’m not so good in writing the stories but I want to try it so hard! And English is not my first language, so I think I may need a help with it too. Is it too much ?:joy:

Heyy, I’d like to write a story with you, but I don’t know if I’m good at this, but it won’t hurt to try. And don’t worry, English isn’t my first language either!! :smile:

Ok. What do we have here: we’re not good at writing stories and English is not our first language. Perfect team I think :joy:
But…without jokes, I want to try it with you too)

That’s amazing (sorry if I’m being a bit too enthusiastic…:joy:

So am I:smile: maybe we should talk in private?)

Okay! :slight_smile: