Interesting LGBT stories

I have read a few interesting LGBT stories, but there are not many. I have read stories were there were LGBT options so that’s good, but once again there are very few of those. If you have any suggestions for them please leave them here.


I’m writing a story called Team its not out yet but I would love if you checked it out.

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Thanks for suggestion! Do know when it will be out?


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I’ll be sure to read it on Sunday!

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read a story called ‘Adrenaline’


Here are some of my favorites ! (all lgbt of course)


A Flawless Plan, by MEA
(You and your best friend accidentally acquire a diamond and get kidnapped by criminals. Funny af, made me cry laughing.)

Duemadiri VN, by Corvaena
(You can choose 3 different people to play as. Medieval. You’re tasked with ending the 300? year war ((Literally so many choices. The branching is intricate and insane.)))


Fragile Bonds, by HumanBean
(‘Brother & sister’ Sasha and Layla are trying to survive on their own, but, trying to provide for Layla, Sasha gets entangled with a really, really bad dude. ((Like…evil bad.)))

The Revival, by Toriah
(You’re a nearly irrelevant movie star trying to get it together)

Dream Escape, by Kay Elle (Every single one of her stories is a gem, check her out)
(Set a little in the future, a businessman takes a break from work by going on a dream vacation, where you can lucid dream for a week. But…things don’t go as planned.)

Escaping Eternal, by Sare - Jinx
(Also in the future, a band of space pirates board an empty ship…but something terrible is on there with them. ((If you like multiple ending stories, this one’s for you))

Sherlock In Love, by Kay Elle
(You’re a nearly middle aged war veteran who happens to stumble across Sherlock; resident genius. ((Based on Sherlock Holmes)))


The Baddest Bad Boy That Ever Bad Boy’ed, by MeMyselfAndI
(You have a huge crush on your bff, but he only wants to impress this girl, who likes bad boys. What do you do? Summon a demon to help your bro be The Baddest Bad Boy.)

The Five Elementals, by ARK
(You’re the president’s daughter, however when you find out she’s trying to take over the world, you run away. ((PHENOMENAL DIRECTING.)))


Oh my gosh thank you so much I definetly will be reading these!

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Thousand Dollar Friend by MissLunaRose

The main character is bisexual and the story is very inclusive to all races. It deals with autism and is very informative. Great story. :))


can you drop the links for these ? i can’t search on my phone because mines outdated

You got it!

A Flawless Plan:

Duemadiri VN:

Fragile Bonds:

The Revival:

Dream Escape:

Escaping Eternal:

Sherlock in Love:

The Baddest Bad Boy That Ever Bad Boy’ed:

The Five Elementals:


Thank you so much!!!

Try Envy, it’s a mystery thriller :blush:

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Who’s it by?


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I can’t agree enough with this post. So many great stories that I am honoured to see mine up there too! Love the description for it, baha. Thank you again!

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I published a story today, would love some feedback :smile:

Boy x Boy

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Well I Know some good ones ( if you know more plz write them down too )

-Adrenaline, Autumn Utopia and Cupid’s arrow forbidden love all of them by Evil Ebonni.
-Guilty pleasure by J Flower
-All by Toriah
-Questioning by meg
-The right kind of wrong, TRKOW season 2, Accepting fate by Nala2011
-A flawless plan by MEA
-Mixed Signals and Babysitting the bad boy by Elizabeth Carter
-Cyberstalking 2 by Elise C
-Beyond the stage season 2, love and dance by Andrea Elle
-All by Writer LB
-Mixed Mesages by C Jn.
-Cyberpunk 2390 by Jailene
-New places by L. Guyton
-Birds of Passage by Brooke Adair
-Can’t help it by Malena P
-Ancient Wars: Venus Legacy by Scarlett
-Chasing the moon by Drea M
-Feening and Mr or Mrs Right by M. Black
-The lady who stole my heart by Ana Stacy
-The five elementals by ARK
-My sugar baby affair by YPWrites
-Slayer by Amanda Michelle
-The bunny boiler by Jasmin Dee
-Playing her game by Beth (Charity Sweet)




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