Interesting outfits (INK)

Hey guys! :relaxed:
I’ve read a tonne of different stories, but sometimes realise that outfit selection/design is almost disregarded?
I feel that styling a character specifically to follow a certain style can help give said character more of an identity and realism?
Just me?
Anyways, I thought I’d create a topic to talk about all the outfit glitches you’ve found (those secret outfits we all know and love) so we can share these interesting discoveries with the rest of the community!

I’ll start with some dresses, as there is so much experimenting with layers that can be done!
I will admit that it is harder for male characters as there’s less layering opportunities :confused:


That’s so coool


Wow, these are cool. Really creative!

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Ah sorry, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Here are some more:


Yesssss! I love those so much :heart_eyes:

Here’s some more hehe
I know the top two a really similar I just couldn’t pick a favourite :sweat_smile:

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