Intermediate to Advanced Coder NEEDED

So, I am working on my first Episode story and it has to be moved to February because coding is time consuming and I am busy. I am looking for someone who knows coding well enough to assist me. This story is unconventional because it has no choices (I suppose that would make it easier to code) because it is a visual novel. I usually write only with text, but I want to play with Episode’s platform.

I do have an Instagram my time zone is PST, and the style is Limelight. Of course I will credit you. I would also love to work on other projects (if that is possible) because I have many more ideas to turn into Episode stories.

Reply below if you are interested. Examples of your work are also much appreciated, but not required. Thank you.

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I’m good at coding I can maybe help u but I’m in cst not pacific

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I’m not an advanced coder but I have tricks that I can use in your story.

I’m going to bump this one last time.