🌎 International community NOW RECRUITING 🌎

Hello once again!

Yesterday I have posted poll on the forums about the creation of an International community on Episode to help the creators with representation and teach the community more about different minorities and who they are.

The main idea is to help fight misrepresentation and give authors ideas on how they could improve or include characters in their stories, whether it’s a question of translation, coming up with names, titles, culture specific nicknames (like Oma for grandmother in German for example), helping with scenes, outfits, backgrounds, you name it! We will also have an Instagram page which would serve as an information source: articles on international festivals or traditions, idioms, outfits for a specific culture etc. But we will also answer all questions necessary in addition to the page (since we cannot cover everything straightaway).

This community will be different in the sense that everyone will have similar roles. Since the main idea is that representatives of certain cultures, ethnicities, religions etc help out a creator, everyone will be able to review, write articles, translate, suggest backgrounds, outfits, names and such. What we will have are those responsible for directing certain requests to the right people as well as those who will help arrange posts for the Instagram page. A few more roles will be added as the project progresses (if you have ideas on roles of members, feel free to post on the thread). I would love for the team to be as diverse as possible and possibly have multiple representatives of certain group as everyone’s experience is not the same :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the link to the short questionnaire that I created.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or send me a DM on the forums or @schwarzproduction on Instagram :blob_sun: