Interracial love stories!

:sparkles:Hello I’m recently reading a story called “See No color” and I wanted to know if there are any interracial stories on episode (preferably the MC is African American) because I have really fell in love with the story. And no in no way, shape or form, I am fetishizing interracial couples I just really love stories like that because they reflect on my life and people I have dated. So pls let me know if find anything :heart:


Here are stories that I know of with interracial couples or the option for it.

  • Projection! by Karlon Artis
  • Capture the Moment by Karlon Artis
  • Thespian Theatrical by Karlon Artis
  • The Red Curtain by Grottino
  • Wrong From Right by Briana M.
  • Delinquent by Josca Denise
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Im currently writing an interracial, and i have another story where majority of my characters are african american.

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Well I have a story that has multiple interracial/inter-cultural couples. If you’re willing to give it a look, it’s called 'Love Octagon by Its Lexi.

Most of the ones I read have full CC like Heavenbound by Nelles (which is also a pretty good one and it’s already finished), not sure if that counts or not. If I find some more I’ll let ya know :upside_down_face:

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The Don by Havinthana. G
Starting Over by Marie-Jen

Hola podrían decirme algunas historias donde el personaje principal sea un hombre
Muchas Gracias !

Thank you!

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My MCs are all Asian (or half Asian), but all are inter-racial relationships. In Josephine (one white, one Latin), in Blended (the MC’s gay LI is fully customisable. In the male branch, he’s African American by default, but fully customisable for both branches), the spouse has 2 LI, both inter-racial.

Title: Josephine (LL)
Author: Matilda
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20 (more coming)
Description: Josephine catches her fiance in an affair. Will she seek comfort in an unlikely lover or find happiness in the one right before her? Limited CC 2LI
Hidden Gems Shelf Jan. 2020


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Josephine (LL)

Title: Blended
Author: Matilda
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 6 (more coming)
Description: Althea and Maximo have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids. But when one of them can no longer deny their sexuality, will the family fall apart? Choice of MC, LCC, LGBTQ LI full CC. Choices matter.

Adulting Shelf Aug. 2020

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Queer: Blended

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Oh! Read Love Overdue by Nipa. I love that story. She’s African American. The main LI is white.

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Thank you! :heart:

hi love i have an episode about an interracial couple you should check it out! here is the title:
love has no colour
let me know what you guys think :wink: