Into tips/Coding help, what makes a story interesting to you?

I’ve been working on my story for a while, but as I go through it again and again it seems a bit boring. I’m a relatively new author, and I thought it was decent but now I’m not sure. I honestly want that attention grabbing intro and dynamic to pull it all together. I just went along writing what I liked, but nothing seems to be appealing to readers as they seem to never read all the way through.

What makes a story interesting to y’all? I like to add a bit of my own little comedy in there.

I’d be happy to take a look at your story. See if it grabs my attention or not. :slight_smile:

  • Have an interesting plot - Don’t have a plot that goes ‘innocent girl falls for bad boy’ but then again, it’s all up to you! But make sure to have a plot that makes readers want to keep reading the story.

  • Plot twists!! - Don’t end an episode with the note on where reader can guess what’s gonna happen in the next episode. Have a plot twist that’ll make the reader go ‘What?!’

  • Advanced directing! - It’s totally okay if you are still learning around the code because everyone struggles a bit at the beginning but if you want the story to be eye-catching it’s important that you have advanced directing such as zooms and spot directing (not only stage right, left and center. I meant spot directing that looks realistic.) Add please add background characters! If you are struggling with directing and codes, @/JosephEvans youtube videos are super helpful! And as well as @/Dara.Amarie’s templates and directing help.

  • Don’t use lot of transitions - A lot of ppl mentioned that slow transitions make them lose the interest in the story. So be aware not use long transitions.

  • Give all your characters a personality.

  • If you are doing a story that contains sensitive topics (Drug use, self harm, eating disorders etc.) please do your research!

  • Add diversity to your story. - Have characters of different ethnicities, religions etc.

These are just my thoughts on what should be included in a story to keep the readers engaged.
I’ll link some threads below that’ll also be helpful to write a story.

Note: If you are in need of backgrounds and overlays, there are many editors/artists that offer free backgrounds and overlays

All the best for your story! :heart: :sparkles:

Story Guide + Tutorial Threads

Backgrounds and Overlay Threads


Adding along with your comment they can also use @amepisode linktree (for free backgrounds and overlays) along with @catthegirl.
And the websites they can also use Unsplash, Pixabay and I think pngtree :smiling_face::two_hearts:


I’ve just been writing for fun because I like it, but I feel like the beginning could be changed a bit and give it more of a slow burn. I’d love it if you’d take a look and let me know what you think! It’s called Hopelessly In Love

Thank you guys so much!

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There are a lot of hopelessly in loves that came up…

I’m also revamping rn so only the 1st ep will be opened for you to read :slight_smile:

Oh sorry! It has a cover with my MC and LI that have face masks and matching fits

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yep that’s it

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