Intriguing concept or idiotic cliche?

i’m thinking of writing an lgbtq+ story about two 18 year olds, marigold and wren, called “married at 18”. the story sounds like a cliche arranged marriage type thing, but hopefully it isn’t.

marigold has cancer. leukemia, specifically. she’s going through chemotherapy, but things aren’t looking so great. in an attempt to make what could be the last years of marigold’s life the happiest possible, wren proposes. the story opens with them saying their vows, and follows the girls through their teenage marriage and marigold’s battle with cancer. i’m still figuring out how it would end, but i know it would be first released on september 1st.


Um I would 100% read this, doesn’t sound cliche at all. Although if you don’t want it to sound cliche I’d change the title!

This has a very interesting concept that I would definitely read! But, as @Sparklekat17 said, you may want to change the title.

Oh, that’s something I’d know a shitton of people would love to read. The title doesn’t really fit though, I hope the main purpose of the story is more on marigold’s leukemia instead of the marriage.

@sparklekat17 @reesethereallygrumpy

maybe… “heart of gold”? i did want the story to be more clickable, but i also want to avoid attracting the wrong audience ( if it attracts anyone at all ).


the purpose is about awareness and the leukemia, yeah. the romance isn’t so much about marrying each other, but doing something big for love and learning to live your life with and for another person, and that person accepting, loving, and believing in you, despite the obstacles that come your way. you know?

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Yeah, the title doesn’t really fit the story if it’s more about Marigold’s leukemia - maybe something like ‘help me along the way’? I’m bad with titles. :sweat_smile:

I like heart of gold!

Ya , totally agree with everyone , your story isnt clinch , but the title is :neutral_face:
Heart of gold is better than married at 18 , and I liked it too , but not loved it
As your story is so good and different , I think you need better title than HEART OF GOLD
…but it may be just my opinion, totally seeing forward to read your story :wink:

I love this story, but the title is so cliche and doesn’t match the description.

I like Heart of Gold, or Help Me Along the Way.

Maybe you could do, The Last Days?

the last days might be a little too similar to the last goodbye, haha.

Or Battlefield of life ? Just a suggestion , totally appreciate whatever your decision is😉

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Oh, sorry, lol I’m not very creative.

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