💖 intro ideas for my story 💖 (closed)

I am writing my first story and I want to put like a cool intro for my story, not too long or short. I have an idea on how to use overlays and move them I sort of just need and Idea of what to actually make the intro.

Story Description

My story description is Prom should be every girl’s dream right? Well in a crazy turn of events it becomes Daisy’s worst nightmare that she can’t seem to escape. Will Hudson be able to help her cope with all this drama or will he be engulfed by it too.
so its a mystery and a little romance

I will credit you :heart: using your episode user or instagram user

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By intro you mean like the place where you have the customize, start, skip, etc button?

yess I have no idea how to do that

OMG I love doing this stuff
So I have multiple ideas

You can have a drawing of the girl in her prom dress siting on the floor like hugging her knees and making something in the back like the world wants to ruin her (I’ll add an image later)

If not something more simple like a deserted school hall with the prom sign

Maybe a shop with all prom dresses but make it kinda dark like sad

I’ll add pictures in a min


omg I love this

And then of course for the start, customize, skip buttons I can make them if you want. Maybe something that fits with the background .

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oo ok maybe the background should be like u suggested the school hallway with the prom banner

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do you think you could make the overlays?

Yeah of course. What do you need?

umm skip, start, credits and customise

Got it. How do you want them? Like only the words, in a circle, square, triangle?

square or rectangle will do can can the colour be oof im not sure what colour do u think will stand out on episode locker backgrounds
like the school hallway one

Mmmm I’m not sure for the color. I’ll try some and see which one looks best

This are ones I did for my story that were like in a forest background. Just if you want to see an example of ones I did before


pv1_back_SKIPBUTTON_5627318398812160_e07c2c12b9a59a1170ffecfe14916fb1 pv1_back_STARTBUTTON_5630250183753728_e07c2c12b9a59a1170ffecfe14916fb1

ohh I like them there cute could u do something like this?

Of course! I’ll go do them now

thank you so much I will credit you do you want me to use your forums name?

First let’s make sure you like them for your story! If you do I’ll give you my insta for credit :yellow_heart:

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Any special kind of font (for the letters) that you like?

Engravers MT on Microsoft docs or anything similar

Like this? I’ll obviously make different designs but is that font ok? I’l make an square and rectangle design too