Intro ideas needed for my story! ASAP

Hi guys :relaxed:
I am currently working on my new story called FROSTBITE. And I need a few suggestions on how my intro shoul look like :thinking:

Here is the story description:

Mikayla, an aspiring actress has it all but one night a stranger turns her into a vampire.
Will Mikayla be able to survive as a vampire and manage her career.
But that is nor all she has tk worry about
Cause something way wicked is lurking near her.

I need a few suggestions on how the intro should look
Help me out

I know the basics like the vampire scaring her but I need a few GOOD IDEAS PLS

I need some ideas with my character and my story:s name on it

Hope this doesn’t flop :rofl::rofl:

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When you say intro, are you referring to a menu/splashes/warnings or literally the beginning of your story?


I mean somewhat like a splash
I want my character with my story title
But I am not getting good ideas to come up with it

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What you could do is make or request an edit of your character(s) on a background size (640x1136) and either have your title already on the image, or add it as a text overlay! And then if you have warnings you want to add, you can either have multiple splashes for them, or add those as text overlays as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a Menu Shop that you’re welcome to look through for inspiration for your own intro! I focus mainly on tappable/animated intros.