Intro overlays for story

For my story I’m doing like a tv show intro and I was wondering if someone can make me overlays for each of the character’s name in like bold something like that, and one for the title, (the story’s title name is backlash) The character’s names are
Lara (MC)
Sydney (MC’s younger sister)
Liam (other MC’s sibling)
Mr and Mrs. Kelly (Lara’s parents)
Mr and Mrs. Connors (Bree’s parents)

And can anybody do it for free?

If you want you can download PicsArt it is free. After that you can get a transparent background then write the words in the don’t of your choice. Then save it and upload it to your episode portal

I’ll try to download it sometime, but I rly just would like someone to make me custom overlays :sweat_smile:

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