Intro To My New Story


Okay, so I am starting my newest story, but I am not sure how to start the very first episode. I have so many ideas, but I can’t pick one and when I do I just end up scrapping the whole idea a second later. If anyone has an idea or tips and tricks to help me that would just be fantastic! Thank you and have a wonderful day!


There are quite a bit of ways you can begin a story. Here are some ways that I see a lot of authors use:

  • A flashback
  • A flash forward(?) showing something that happens near the end of the story / further into the story
  • Narration. This is usually used to introduce the main characters. It could be used by showing all the characters at school or something, and introducing them character by character.
  • Descriptive. These are sort of like flashbacks, but it flashes back to a long time ago, before the MC was even born. These usually are used in fantasy stories, explaining how some sort of fantasy world or plot point came to be.

Overall, it really depends on what genre your story is. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for these suggestions! All the help I can get right now is helping a lot!!! :grinning:



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