Introducing a New Character



In my story i’m trying to introduce a character named Remi. She is the main character’s, Juniper, best friend. Her parents were killed in the same shooting as Juniper’s dad was. I want to introduce her while they are at their lockers casually. I can’t think of a good way to introduce Remi. Any suggestions?


Can you share a little more of their backstory? Did their parents know each other for a long time, and did Juniper and Remi know each other before the deaths?

If it was a random shooting that killed both of their parents, it’s a little awkward to have Juniper walk up casually and say, “oh hi, what’s your name, I saw you at the funeral.” If they knew each other beforehand, even if they were just acquaintances, it’ll be easier for Juniper to say, “Hey Remi, I’m really sorry for your loss” (or something less trite).


Remi’s parents and Juniper’s dad worked together in the mafia and a shooter charged them but Remi and Juniper have been best friends since Juniper’s dad joined the mafia. I feel like that sounds really confusing…


Hmm. Here’s how I would do it (not saying this is THE way to do it)

Juniper is at school, isolating herself, maybe a lot of other people are giving her space/ just not really acknowledging her.
She goes to her locker, does whatever she needs to do
Remi walks into frame, crying or other sad action
Juniper walks up and hugs her, wordless
Both freeze in hug pose while Juniper narrates that they’ve been best friends for X amount of time, that she’s the only person who might understand Juniper’s own personal struggle, and that she loves Remi like a sister or something.


Thanks! I couldn’t think of a way to do it that fit the theme of my story but that sounds good. Thanks <3


Perhaps do a flash back with all their parents at the locker just gossiping, then go to Juniper and Remi’s scene. And Juniper could be like “It’s funny how things don’t change” and Remi is like “If only our parents could see us now” this was only a suggestion.


That sounds cool too!


I would have made something like all families who lost a member at a shooting was given some sort of memorial piece(pendant) from the state or something… And then have one of the girls at her locker and the other one come in to get something out of her locker then maybe a pendant or a medal fall from the locker and strikes the others attention to ask about it cause she also had one


I like that idea too