Introducing Episode Academy

Hi everyone!

We know that a lot of people get intimidated by trying to write an Episode story because Donacode can be challenging! Well now, we have another resource available today from one of our Donacoding experts on the team: Episode Academy!

Right now, we only have Beginner Level tutorials broken into:

  • Directing
  • The Portal
  • Spotlight Directing
  • Basic Cinematic Directing

We are planning to add in Intermediate and Advanced tutorials to help authors of all levels, so keep an eye out for when those will be launching.


I think this is a great idea! :revolving_hearts:

:crown::crown::crown::crown: thank you dear

I think this is a cool idea :blob_hearts:

This is a great idea and will help so many people :sparkles:

I like it. Well done!

Thats a great news!!! :smiley:
Well, I hope we get advanced and intermediate level soon! :grin:
Thanku so much for this :heart::revolving_hearts:
It will definitely help everyone! :relaxed:

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This is Amazing! Tell the team it’s a great idea Tory!