Introducing Episode Seasons | Application Thread \Open/

Choose your favorite season, experience fun and make your way into Episode Seasons!
To introduce this brand new group, let me answer the most important question that is asked by fellow Episodians in the community.

Who are you and what do you do?
We are Episode Seasons reaching out and offering help to those who are in need of the Episode Community! We dont only do art but we also do story reviews, art reviews, magazines and everything you could ask for! So head on down to Episode Seasons and find everything you need! Everyone is free to sign up!

Experiences needed for each talent

For covers, you do not have to be that much of a professional but it is required for you to know the following things.

You must know how to:

  • Place characters
  • Whats good for a cover based on the description
  • How to get quality characters
  • Know the cover sizes

Experience needed: 3 to 10/10

Splashes are the same as covers but its slightly different because of the size.
Same as covers, you must know how to so the following.

You must know how to:

  • Place characters correctly
  • Know whats good for a splash just by looking at the vibe and the description of the splash.
  • Know how to get quality characters
  • Know the background sizes

Experience needed: 2 to 10/10

Character Edits/Profile Pictures
Character edits are slightly more advanced then splashes/covers but it is bearable.
You must know how to do the following.

Know how to:

  • Get quality characters
  • Shade and find a light source
  • Know whats good to add in a profile picture through the description given.

Experience needed: 4 to 10/10

Art Scenes
Art scenes are one of the most complicated things that you are able to apply to so for art scenes you definitely must

Know how to:

  • Make custom poses
  • Shade and find a light source
  • Draw
  • The difference between realistic and cartoon style

Experience needed: 7 to 10/10

Backgrounds and Overlays
For BG’s and OL’s it is not complicated but you need to know if images are copyright free and free from commercial use.

Know how to:

  • Get copyright free images
  • Know how to place objects in a room
  • Find a light source

Experience needed: 1 to 10/10

Message by the president
Episode Seasons tries to be professional in anyway by planning everything. Those include what we will do in the future. Once we plan something we never give up. I will also try to make the members comfortable and to treat people equally so it is not only you the members the has to follow the rules. You can also warn me for every rule I do not follow. I would be using this account for chatting (in group) and other group purposes on this account.

As fun as the group sounds, there must be rules that the members have to follow. There are rules that could have consequences that may vary once you do not follow them.

Minor Consequence

  • Will be given 2 warnings before kicked out of the group unless proven that you are worthy to go back.

Moderate Consequence

  • Will be given 1 warning before kicked out the group permanently

Major Consequence

  • Will be given no warnings and would be reported and kicked out of the group.

The rules would be given as a surprise. Rules would be dmed via instagram/forums if ever you get in.

But those are the consequences, now what about the requirements? What do we need to acquire or to obtain in order to be in the group?
There would be a few requirements for you to be able to join the group, although its not that much that it could be impossible for you to get in.


  • Must have experience in the following role you would be applying to.
  • Must provide examples if you are applying for art. But if you are applying for anything other than art you must provide how you do the following thing.
  • You must have instagram

Ready to join our group?

If you are, click this link

We will dm you via instagram and/or forums to see if you are able to join this group.


I filled out the form :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

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If you didnt get in, you can always try again once you have improved! We will accept people filling out the form once or twice again to see if they can get in!

Also please state if you have applied or not so we can be notified :slight_smile:

I’ve filled out the form

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She would like to remain anonymous if possible :slight_smile: But you would be able to meet her if you can get in the group

Bumping this thread. We still need more members!

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Again, we still need more members!

I SUBMITTED a forum!. :wink: