Introducing Mrs.Anonymous


I’m only a community member! Not an Official just so you know!

I have found that many people would like to address an issue like I will be but get called out for doing so. So I made this account for everyone to address an issue anonymously. Want to know how to adress an issue through here? PM me through here and tell me what you’d like my next post to be! I will review it and if it is a major drama starter I will NOT post it. Any post will remain anonymous and will be signed either as Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous your choice. If you have any questions please PM me or ask on this thread.


So many new accounts?

Just a heads up that in order for us to handle/take care of user specific issues, we need to know who the users are who are reporting issues. :v::peace_symbol:

P.S this is posted in the incorrect sub forum. So not off to a great start :frowning: Any questions or need potential help with this project? Please feel free to pm me or @Sydney_H. Thanks!


Moved to Episode Fan Community. :wink: