Introducing my best friend Abby G!


Abby is my best friend irl and I figured y’all should get to know her! Her account is @Agilb444! And as you can guess she is new to the forums Andy needs some friends… that’s where you come in cough…cough


Hello @Agilb444!
Welcome to the forums, I hope you will enjoy it here as much as I do :blush:.

And if you want to be friends , you can totally pm me some time !

Maybe we can exchange some quality memes


Welcom to the forums @Agilb444 !!!


Memes are bomb af :joy::upside_down_face:


Hi @Agilb444! Welcome to the forums :3


Welcome to the forums @Agilb444 :smirk::wink:


Don’t start you horn dog