Introduction? :D


My name is Food, and I love to eat food, how ironic.
Favorite Foods: Ramen, Chicken Wings, Pizza, and basically a buffet.
Hobbies: Ehh, living my life basically?

Basically all you need to know about me is that I love to eat, and live. Life is great.
Anyways, new user here, and yeah lets be GREAT friends :thinking:


I LOVE FOOD TOOO!! :taco::taco::taco::pizza::pizza::pizza::joy::joy:

Welcome to the forums family!!

I’d love to be friends :grin: hopefully I’ll see you around the forums!



I think u are my twin




Hi @food! Welcome to the forums!! Feel free to PM me at anytime! I also love food. :drooling_face::joy:


Welcome food​:upside_down_face: now forum wouldn’t get scarcity of food​:yum::yum:

you are making me hungry :upside_down_face:


welcome to the forums, @food ! great, a new friend who loves food just like me ! :yellow_heart::pizza:


Heyo! Welcome… :kissing_heart: