'Invalid Time Format' Error, Have No Idea What To Do

So I’m trying to make a “Dramatic Glance” scene (I’m using Mary D Sava’s as a reference) but for some reason in getting an ‘Invalid Time Format’ error. What the issue is is that the overlay BLACK_2 moves but the overlay BLACK doesn’t, even though they have basically the same coding. I tried looking t other people that had this error and their issues weren’t the same and their solutions didn’t help. If someone could tell me what the frick is going on, that would be super awesome.

Coding and full error message (with showing how BLACK_2 shows but BLACK doesn’t show)

Mary D Sava’s ‘Dramatic Glance’ Post on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/template-glance-39846187

Much Love, Shay Coleman

I think U have coded overlay BLACK in zone 3 not 2, hence the overlay BLACK appears in the wrong zone and u got the error. Secondly, I think u need to capitalize the word “and” since u didn’t capitalize the word

I moved the overlay to where I want it to show, but it still is giving me the error and still not showing

Thank you for the suggestion though, at least its moved to where if it showed I can see it

Maybe try capitalizing the word “and” like I mentioned…It might help :thinking:

line 1268, there’s a typo in using

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I just figured out the error… I spelled ‘using’ wrong…

WeLp ThEn

Why do I feel like such an idiot :joy:

Don’t worry…it happens :grin:

I did not even noticed it but @EtherealWitch did…sorry I couldn’t be of any help :sweat_smile:

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