Invisible character in scene!

So for some reason, my character isn’t showing up in this scene, I have tried refreshing and exiting out…Any help?

@cut to zone 1
@JOE spot 0.947 -78 285 in zone 1 AND JOE is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

When I have @JOE stands screen center AND JOE is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop, it shows up fine.

is he by any chance behind an overlay? like, on the wrong layer?

Nope! There is no overlays used in this scene!

You did @cut to zone 1, by default it would already be in zone 1.
Try doing @JOE stands screen center AND JOE is animation.
Then try to either spot direct on the web previewer or mobile episode app

That didn’t work either!

And that is what I had done to get my code!

He’s at -78, which puts him off screen. That or he’s facing the wrong direction. The sleep animations flip them sometimes. Try using your spot direction tool to figure out where he is.

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Thanks a bunch!! :heartpulse: :heartpulse:


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