Invisible overlays? (Help this is for my adventurous entry)

So I was working on episode 2 of Gun of the Girl… Which is my adventurous entry… And well… The rope overlay is coming up as invisible in the previewer, Can someone tell me where I went wrong?

Script Snippet


@zoom reset

&PAISLEY spot 0.877 39 173 AND PAISLEY is eyes_closed AND PAISLEY faces right AND PAISLEY moves to layer -6

if (WATER) {

} else {

&BANE spot 0.915 157 142 AND BANE faces left AND BANE is arms_crossed_angry AND BANE moves to layer -7


&PETRA spot 0.847 213 178 AND PETRA faces left AND PETRA is arms_crossed AND PETRA moves to layer -7

&MARA spot 0.924 172 -22 AND MARA faces left AND MARA is idle_sit_legs_up AND MARA moves to layer -5

@overlay 5648016032727040_ADVENTUROUS ROPE create

@overlay 5648016032727040_ADVENTUROUS ROPE opacity 0

@overlay 5648016032727040_ADVENTUROUS ROPE shifts to -10 226

@overlay 5648016032727040_ADVENTUROUS ROPE scales to 1.000 1.000

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Opacity 1?

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You need to change this to

@overlay ADVENTUROUS ROPE opacity 1

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