[iOS App + Writer Portal Update] Apple ID Sign In

Hello Episodians!

Just to be clear, this is NOT an April Fools joke. If you want to see our joke, check out the Episode Instagram to see our delicious April Fools post.

With that out of the way, we’re excited to announce that you can now create a new Episode account on the Writer Portal or on the iOS app using your Apple ID!

Here is what you will see in the app.

Here is what you will see on Writer Portal.

This should be available starting this afternoon as we roll out our latest app update on iOS, for players with Apple devices running iOS version 13 and up, and on the Writer Portal.

Please note that Episode does not support Apple ↔ Android account transfers at this time. If you have already signed in with another email or social media account, you are not able to change your current account to your Apple ID.

With Love,


On the WRITER’S PORTAL!!! Very cool!

Oh, so wait, then we can see story links now? @Melani3 I mean I dont know if the links thing is sorted out or not.

Hi! Apologies for the confusion.

Our team is still working on getting share links back up and running for Android users. We’re currently working to have that and profiles back up and running in the near future.

For additional clarification: the Apple ID sign option is only available on iOS devices for the mobile app. It is available on all devices for Writer Portal, but if you want your account to connect to the app, you should be sure you have an iOS device. :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks for clarifying!!! Stay safe, and can’t wait! :sunglasses: :+1:t3:

Android update: no more profiles, story links, fanmail, story statuses or report button
iOS update: a new way to sign up and access your profile



But it does sound cool tbh

They just hate us. It’s fine. I’m fine :cry:


My game keeps crashing before i can even get to the main screen! Whats going on?!

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Cute, very cute. now can you fix Android Episode :unamused:


Now can you fix it so the rest of us can access profiles?


Can you please allow transfer between iOS and Android, I might think about selling my old Android phone away and I don’t want my account along with all my unlocked stuff, gems, and tickets being gone ;( It’s really hard and I hope you understand that…


@Melani3 do you know whether or not Episode will be able to support Apple to Android account transfers (or vice versa) in the near future?

because I think that’ll make a large number of people (including myself) happy because they have older phones and are moving to another operating system…

But honestly, I think I would read most of these stories


Would love a feature to be able to change our email address on the writer portal tbh



It would be nice for Episode to, rather than cater to a non-existent audience wanting to use their aPpLe Id for the writer’s portal, to fix their android app. Just a thought. :eyes:

I said what I said.


This needs to happen :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I had to read 100+ stories with more than 20 chapters from the beginning when I switched to iOS. Took me 2+ months and me staying up at 4am to get all the passes possible


lmao, i was already able to do this in 2018

Can you PLEASE bring back the story link feature?

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Imma say this again

@Melani3 are y’all working on iOS to Android and Vice Versa account transfers